Turnkey services for advanced battery development, manufacturing, testing, validation, certification, and commercialization.

Manufacturing & Materials Development

Small Batch Mix & Coat: Multiple capabilities to establish component feasibility and conduct early-stage materials research and development. Our PhD scientists, Engineers and technicians develop slurry recipes, optimize mixing protocols, and identify baseline coating parameters.

Pilot Cell Build:Prior to scaling up to large format cell builds, small-scale testing is completed to optimize cell variables. Ateios maintains standard coated materials in-house as well as various separator samples, coin cell materials, and electrolytes.

EIS Cell Testing: Each of the 9 GAMRY 32-channel potentiostat/galvanostat units perform electrochemical impedance spectroscopy. Cell cycler equipment includes over 300 channels of ARBIN Instruments test stations with DC current ranges from ±15µA to ±10A and ±5V, SOLATRON 8-channel frequency response analyzers for wet/dry-room formation, and over 5m3 of PERCIVAL/AES chamber space for cycling at temperatures -40 to 180°C.

R&D & Laboratory Scale Cell Fabrication

1,500 ft2 Dry Room Space: Three isolated and environmentally maintained at < 1% RH and dew points below -35°C, dry rooms provide critical workspace for cell fabrication.

Slurry Mix & Coating: Multiple ROSS double planetary mixers (up to 7.5L) allow for vacuuming, temperature monitoring, and chilling complemented with TIA rheology. For smaller scale slurries, Ateios uses THINKY and FLACKTEK planetary centrifugal mixers. Current collector foils are coated on and DURR/MEGTEC reverse comma bar laboratory-scale roll-to-roll coating line with multi-stage drying ovens or TESTER SANGYO slip coat table.

Cell Assembly: Formats encompass coin, multi-layer pouch, prismatic, 18650 and limited 21700 cylindrical cells. Cell fabrication equipment includes IMC heated calender & adjustable slitter, KATOH KIKO cell winder, HOHSEN can groover, electrolyte fill station & can crimper, MIYACHI resistance welder, and AUDIONVAC or FERTROD vacuum sealers. Tooling is adjustable to accommodate various cell formats and sizes.

Battery Testing and Evaluation

250+ channels of cell cycling
Altitude, humidity, and thermal environmental chambers
Two 1200ft2 controlled labs for EHS level tests
Crush, Propagation, Drop, External Fire, and more
Outdoor testing capabilities
UL, MIL, UN-DOT, SAE, IEEE certifications

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