Advanced Battery Manufacturing and Material Solutions

Smaller and Lighter With Higher Power and Energy

Recent battery innovations like vanadium flow, solid-state, gold nanowire gel electrolyte, and lithium-sulfur won't accomodate market needs on their own. Manufacturers need to also simplify structures and improve on production processes. Ateios’ manufacturing processes are proven to increase manufacturing speeds by 10x and reduce processing costs by 5x.

Our first battery, Enercalm, harnesses these innovations and is now available to device manufacturers.

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Faster Manufacturing

Roll to roll manufacturing of key battery components at 940 m^2/min


More Affordable

Radiation-based battery gigacoater equipment for less than $2M


Chemistry Agnostic

Proven across alkaline, primary lithium (Li-MnO2/LiCFx), and rechargeable (NMC532, NMC811, LFP)

Ateios’ breakthrough is streamlining the manufacturing process, rather than creating whole new battery chemistry, they can adapt their platform quickly for a wide range of existing applications. Their technology especially shines in small electronics applications that have been waiting for an innovation like this.

- Krisztina Holly, Good Growth Capital

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