IoT Batteries

Better Battery Life for Better Products

With over 10 billion active device connections worldwide as of 2022, and an expected global market worth of more than $1.5 billion by 2025, IoT devices are certainly catching the eye of major businesses and industries. From self-driving cars to smart wearables, home appliances, security systems, and large-scale applications such as smart retail, telemedicine, and smart cities, IoT is changing the world. The need becomes more self-evident when you look at the significant amount of diverse IoT applications available in the consumer, medical and industrial market segments. Applications ranging from smartphones, high-speed sensors, implantable medical devices, wearables, and tracking devices. The common requirement for almost all these device classes is lower power consumption and longer battery life.

Why Ateios?

It is essential to have reliable batteries with high capacities and excellent efficiencies in IoT applications to avoid continuity loss. A lot depends on choosing the right battery, and Ateios is focused on providing safe, innovative, and reliable power solutions to support these and other applications —

  • Home Appliances
  • Smart Wearables
  • Retail
  • Health Monitors
  • Smart Office
  • Utilities
  • Robotics

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