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Ateios Systems is a battery manufacturer that enables products to last longer, be easier to manufacture, and provide seamless user experiences.

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In Brief

Ateios Systems is a Techstars and Venture-backed company headquartered in Southern Indiana. Ateios' RAPIDCURE technology combines versatile battery manufacturing, advanced software, and best-in-class materials to deliver high-performance, customizable batteries. With our technology, multidisciplinary team, and strategic partners, we are helping engineers extend their innovations to the battery.

Our Team

We are a multidisciplinary team with 25+ years of experience in nanoengineering, materials science, and software from leading institutions including UC San Diego, Purdue University, and Florida State University. Our team is driven to build the best performing and cost-effective battery solutions to cleanly store the world's 20,000 TWh/year energy needs.

Dr. Rajan Kumar

Chief Executive Officer


Carlos Munoz

Chief Operating Officer


James Pope

Senior VP of Commercial Operation


Rashmi Atre

Associate Battery Engineer


Dr. Kevin Barry

Battery Engineer


Swapneel Kulkarni

Process Engineer


Thea Reid, Esq.

Legal & Logistics Manager


Jaye Tyler

VP of Manufacturing & Logistics


Christopher Caballero

Logistics Manager


Investors and Backers

Advisory Board

Dr. Todd Coleman

Professor of Bioengineering, Stanford

Sheila Nichols

3M Medical Materials Executive

Dr. Patrick Mercier

Professor of ECE, UCSD

Dr. Jeff Nelson

Energy Storage Director at ADA

Marc Langlois

Senior Manager at Cymer

Andy Pal

Director of Software at Quidel

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