High energy density, surface-mountable batteries designed for high-power wireless communication devices.

Product Highlights

2-4x Higher Energy Densities

Robotically Mountable For Rapid Integration

Optimized for Wireless Communication

Custom Batteries at Cost-Effective Pricing

In Brief

Mark Weiser’s vision for the future of ubiquitous computing, which he named “Calm Technology,” inspired the Enercalm battery series. Today, we live in an era of ubiquitous computing that has enabled electronics to integrate themselves into every fabric of everyday life. Unfortunately, current batteries continue to be a bottleneck because:

  • Poor energy density with increasing energy demands
  • Over 50% loss in energy under highly variable current from wireless communications
  • Difficult to mount using traditional surface mounted technology (SMT)

Enercalm is a complete power solution for next-generation wireless sensor and ubiquitous computing. The core technology of Enercalm is chemistry provides nearly 2-4x more energy density than existing LiMnO2 or alkaline chemistry. Through our manufacturing and advancements in materials, we optimized the energy, power, and cost of the Enercalm battery series for wearables and the Internet of Things.

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